Zironka - a collection of songs from Ukrainian (YCCP) films.

This book was published in 1963. I was struck by the subtle (or very obvious) Soviet symbology that seems to pervade it:  the title, the dust cover, the frontpiece...  all that aside, the book does have some wonderful graphics and fonts. 

[ 3IPOHKA dust cover - zironkaa.jpg ]

This is a very small book - the dust cover is shown actual size. Those little red stars are the perfect 'CCCP' touch!!!

[ 3IPOHKA front - zironkab.jpg ]

On the front cover, the red star motif is combined in the flower shape.  It is still a bit too 'CCCP'!  I do like the font.
[ 3IPOHKA frontpiece - zironkac.jpg ]

The frontpiece has a really nice font, and that 'C' is worked very nicely into the shape of the flower stalk.


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