Pysanky on stamps (in 2000) and envelopes (in 2001) from Ukraina

In April, 2000, Ukraina issued a sheet of six stamps featuring pysanky.
When Susan went to Ukraina that summer, she was very kind to
bring these back for me - duzhe dyakuyu tobi, Suzanno!

pstamp.jpg - scan at original sizepstamp2x.jpg - use 'view image' to see a 2x image
pstamp3a.jpg - 3x of pysanka from podillyapstamp3b.jpg - 3x of pysanka from chernihivshchyna
pstamp3c.jpg - 3x of pysanka from kyyivshchynapstamp3d.jpg - 3x of pysanka from odeshchyna
pstamp3e.jpg - 3x of pysanka from hutsulshchynapstamp3f.jpg - 3x of pysanka from volyn


For Easter, 2001, Ukraina issued an envelope with pysanky on the front.

pys_env_2xa.jpg - pysanky envelope 2x with mods

On the envelope, the actual image is about 3.5 inches wide by 2.25 inches high.

pys_env_2xa.jpg - pysanky envelope 2x with mods

Here it is enlarged 2x.

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