Plastova Poshta - Pysanky Stamps

These 45 "stamps", of pysanka "vzory" (designs) from different regions of Ukraine, were published in the late 1950's by Jaroslav Elyjiv and Zenon Elyjiv, as part of the "Plastova Poshta" series of "stamps".  These were printed as one sheet.  

Below the pysanka stamps is a flyer from "PLY", dated from February 1, 1959, announcing the release of the "Ukraina v Pysankakh" ("Ukraine in Pysanky") sheet of stamps.  This flyer is from the archives of Tania Diakiw O'Neill - "Duzhe dyakuyu, Taniu!"  Tania points out that the pysanky stamps representing the various regions of Ukraina on that sheet are positioned approximately where their regions would be if they were placed on a "rectangular" map of Ukraine.

Below the flyer is the seal that appears on the flyer.

N.B.:  Some of these pysanky "vzory" also appear in the book "Ukrainian Pysanky" ("Ukrainski Pysanky") by Erast Binyashevsky, which was published in 1968 by "Mystetstvo" in Kyiv.  This book was printed in a edition of 6,000 copies and cost 2 karb, 18 kop.  This 96-page book has paintings of 141 pysanky, representing 27 regions of Ukraine.  The dustcover is the red and black "tsyhanski dorohy" (wandering roads) "vzir" (design), wrapped around the back of the dustcover as well, where it is in red and grey.  An egg shape in the middle of the dustcover, as well as on the front cover, has the book title in Ukrainian.  The back cover has the book title in English and four other languages.  The introduction is in Ukrainian, with shorter versions in Russian, English, German, French, and Spanish.  Erast V. Binyashevsky was a medical doctor and was an outstanding collector of pysanky.  He was  very interested in Ukrainian art and culture and worked to promote it.  He painted the images in this book, and was primary in the book getting put together and published.  Erast V. Binyashevsky died in recent years. 

Over the years, these images have been reprinted in other books, magazines, etc.

Plast pysanky stamps - plastpsa_1s.jpgPlast pysanky stamps - plastpsa_2s.jpgPlast pysanky stamps - plastpsa_3s.jpgPlast pysanky stamps - plastpsa_4s.jpgPlast pysanky stamps - plastpsa_5s.jpgPlast pysanky stamps - plastpsa_6s.jpg

PLY flyer February 1, 1959 - from Tania Diakiw O'Neill archives

PLY flyer February 1, 1959 - Tania Diakiw O'Neill archives

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