Mushroom Flavored Potato Chips

Mushroom Flavored Potato Chips - front - small (mchipf.jpg)Mushroom Flavored Potato Chips - back - small (mchipb.jpg)

Orysia T. recently returned "z krayu", as they say, and brought back these mushroom flavored potato chips!  Yes, they really are mushroom flavored, and yes, they really, really do taste great!

Mushroom Flavored Potato Chips - front (mchipf.jpg)

That is the front of the bag, actual size.  The brand name appears to be "Luxe!" (lyuks) and it says "potato chips" (kartoplyani chipsy) across the top, and "with mushrooms" (z hrybamy) across the bottom.  Also across the bottom is a drawing of mushrooms (they look like boletus) on a bed of what appears to be salad greens.  In the upper left hand corner, it says "contest" (konkurs) and on the back, it tells you where to send in ten of those corners.  I am not sure what you win if you do send in the ten corners!  The amount is small - only 70 grams (about 2.25 ounces).


Mushroom Flavored Potato Chips - back (mchipb.jpg)

Here is the back, also actual size.  It is interesting to see what information is listed on the back, and how it differs from the package information that we are used to here.  On the left, the information is in Russian, and on the right, it is in Ukrainian.  At the top is the product name, and below it, in small print, it says "Nepovtornyy smak, evropeys'ka yakist'!" (Unique taste, european quality!).  After that are listed the ingredients (potatoes, palm oil, and flavorings), the energy information, what it is ("Product, ready to be used"), the company name and addresses, shelf life (9 months, although I think that once you open the bag, they will be all gone, and quickly!), storage information (temperature of no more than 20C and humidity of no more than 75%), and where to send in the corners for the "konkurs".

I like the drawings at the bottom, which seem to say:  "Run away quickly, little potatoes, or you will become tasty potato chips!" :-)

I want to extend a very special "Dyakuyu, Orysiu!", for bring these back, and for letting everyone see this wonderful food phenomenon!  Now if only these potato chips were available here...


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