mitla57.jpg - Mitla (1957) front cover

These images are from "Mitla", a calendar and almanac, with many humorous and satirical articles, which was published in Buenos Aires.  The front cover (the interesting portion of which is shown above) is by Borys Kryukov.  On the back cover, it states:  "Khto "Mitlu" chytaye, toy smutku ne maye".

Does "La Escoba" really mean "mitla" in Spanish?



Some humorous and interesting line drawings are used to fill up space at the bottoms of pages and ends of articles.

mitla_ar.jpg - Mitla (1957) newspaper man (flipped)mitlal.jpg - Mitla (1957) back page logo (2x)mitla_al.jpg - Mitla (1957) newspaper man (2x of original)

mitla_bl.jpg - Mitla (1957) amazed man reading (flipped)mitlal.jpg - Mitla (1957) back page logo (2x)mitla_br.jpg - Mitla (1957) amazed man reading (2x of original)

mitla_c.jpg - Mitla (1957) three stars (2x of original)mitla_f.jpg - Mitla (1957) two birds (2x of original)mitla_c.jpg - Mitla (1957) three stars (2x of original)

mitla_dr.jpg - Mitla (1957) man sweeping (flipped)mitlas.jpg - Mitla (1957) back page logo (original size)mitla_dl.jpg - Mitla (1957) man sweeping (2x of original)

mitla_er.jpg - Mitla (1957) relaxed man reading (flipped)mitlas.jpg - Mitla (1957) back page logo (original size)mitla_el.jpg - Mitla (1957) relaxed man reading (2x of original)


mitlal.jpg - Mitla (1957) back page logo (2x)

In the calendar section, the name of the month is shown at the top of each calendar page.  These names appear to be handwritten, in a wonderfully sinuous style.  They do look great!  Whoever wrote out these names of the months did a fine job of constraining the heights of the different letters to one height, and the widths of the words to be the same width.  They also chose a very nice and bright color!

mitlajan.jpg - Mitla (1957) sichen' (january)mitlafeb.jpg - Mitla (1957) lyutiy (february)mitlamar.jpg - Mitla (1957) beresen' (march)mitlaapr.jpg - Mitla (1957) kviten' (april)mitlamay.jpg - Mitla (1957) traven' (may)mitlajun.jpg - Mitla (1957) cherven' (june)mitlajul.jpg - Mitla (1957) lypen' (july)mitlaaug.jpg - Mitla (1957) serpen' (august)mitlasep.jpg - Mitla (1957) veresen' (september)mitlaoct.jpg - Mitla (1957) zhovten' (october)mitlanov.jpg - Mitla (1957) lystopad (november)mitladec.jpg - Mitla (1957) hruden' (december)


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