Embroidery and Costumes

These photos were taken in the late 1930's and early 1940's, in Zasyannya. They show various embroidery
patterns and designs and how these are used in "costumes". I use the word "costumes" (kostyumy)
because the wearers are mostly young people, students, so their clothes are not "authentic" in the sense
that they are not villagers. Nevertheless, they do love to show off their embroidery, and the embroideries,
patterns, and placements are interesting to see.

At the end are a couple of photographs of churches and a viz (wagon).

If you place your mouse pointer on an image, you will see the alternate text.

uca.jpg - the ribbons are very long!  nice embroidery on the blouse. ucb.jpg - that is a unique pattern on the front of the vest. uccb.jpg - the embroidery radiates from her neck and down the front. ucdb.jpg - a radiant blouse on the left, radiant even on the sleeves. uck_vysh_vv_2x.jpg - men look handsome in vyshyti sorochky. uce.jpg - slava - what long hair:  rusa kosa, do poyasa! uc_slava_b.jpg - slava 1942 yaroslav uc_milka_a.jpg - milka ucfa.jpg - taken in the same studio as the previous photo. ucfb.jpg - some of the detail in the costume. ucg.jpg - the design repeats thrice on the sleeve. uchb.jpg - her apron is embroidered as well. ucj.jpg - embroidery galore. ucja.jpg - some of the detail in her costume. uci.jpg - an embroidery class.  that is a nice wooden table, too.

ukrcha.jpg - a church near yaroslav.ukrchc.jpg - a nice church in the background.  oh, what a dog.

On the left, a church near Yaroslav, in Zasyannya. On the right, a beautiful church in the background. What a big dog they have with them!

uwagon.jpg - a villager's wagon in the city.

A villager's wagon in the city. It must be a comfortable ride, sitting on all that hay...

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