Evhen Konovalets
* 14 VI 1891 + 23 V 1938

These photographs appeared in a memorial book that was published in 1939
by the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada (Ukrainske Natsionalne Obyednanya Kanady),
Box 1107, Saskatoon, Saskachewan, and printed by "The New Pathway" (Noviy Shliakh)
about a year after Evhen Konovalets was killed on May 23, 1938.
Evhen Konovalets was born on June 14, 1891, in Zashkovi.


ek2_fca.jpg - front cover of 2nd memorial book

ek2_08a.jpg - armored vehicles 'otaman konovalets' and 'otaman melnyk'

ek2_11a.jpg - ek with the YCC in 1918

ek2_13a.jpg - ek with his staff

ek2_15a.jpg - ek in winnipeg in 1929

ek2_22a.jpg - the covered body of ek

ek2_26a.jpg - ek's grave with a description of the tomb and coffin

ek2_29a.jpg - at the funeral in rotterdam


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